You need a computer, ideally with a projector in a church presentation. For small group classes, a computer with a large monitor screen or a laptop might be sufficient.

The presentation is designed to last about 30-40 minutes which allows for group discussion or other activities to be included in the time allocated for most Sabbath School time.

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If you are a Sabbath School Teacher, read on!

By using our SABBATH SCHOOL LESSON POWERPOINT PRESENTATION, you can make your Sabbath School Class interesting and life-changing!

You dont need to be expert in using PowerPoint program in order to have a professionally-designed and captivating presentations. With our ready-made downloadable Sabbath School Lesson PowerPoint presentations, you will have a very satisfying and rewarding experience in your Sabbath School class.

DOWNLOAD our SAMPLE Sabbath School Lesson PowerPoint presentation and our FREE weekly Sabbath School Lesson Teaching outline and see the difference!

Innovative Teaching Using Laptop Computer
Pictures are worth a thousand words. By using your laptop computers in presenting Bible truths together with our Sabbath School Lesson presentation in a small group or in a congregation, you can capture your students attention and thereby maximizing their Learning abilities and bring changes in their lives. There will be no boring and unproductive moments.

Benefits in Using our Ready-made PowerPoint Presentations
Make your class interesting and life-changing. Visual aids can help
students understand the Bible better and apply the lessons in their
Save time and money and needless aggravation. You dont have to
spend hours looking for suitable images and photos.
Maximize your time with these ready-made, professional
presentation. Cut down on design time and spend more time writing
your content. You can focus on more important things such as working
on the actual content of your presentation.
Create your own stunning presentations with high quality graphics
design using our presentation even if you dont have a lot of
proficiency in using PowerPoint.

By using our PowerPoint presentations, students will always be looking forward for your next Sabbath School class! For only $15 per quarter for 13 presentations, you will be satisfied with the result of your teaching ministry.


SS Lesson Presentation
in Powerpoint
SS Teaching Guide
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